“To procure the best possible energy solutions for our clients whilst maintaining strong relationships with our suppliers and investing in our people. Enabling us to provide a quality service, based on value and trust.”

Established in 2005, our team of specialists have helped thousands of UK businesses, across 10,000 sites, cut their energy bills and save money.

You choose the contract that’s right for you and Power Solutions will take care of every requirement from negotiation to overall management of your contract from beginning to end, saving you time, hassle and money..

We understand the energy sector inside out and have long standing, trusted relationships with more than 20 of the UK’s biggest utilities providers.


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Acting in a trustworthy, loyal, fair, and sincere way with strong moral principles.   Excellence.png

Demanding more of ourselves than our clients or colleagues do.      


Evaluated on our performance and behaviour in a transparent manner. 


Having regard for another person’s abilities, achievements and qualities and always being kind to others around us.


Working collaboratively to achieve a common goal.


3 Employees 2005 Energy Procurement        
7 Employees 2006 Energy Check        
16 Employees 2009 Green Energy        
25 Employees 2010 LED Lighting        
Moved Office 2011 Finance for Energy Efficiency        
33 Employees 2012 Water Audits Voltage Optimisation      
37 Employees 2013 Telecoms SMART Meters Fixed Contract    
  2014 Energy Monitoring Energy Dashboard Sub Meters    
43 Employees 2015 Biomass Solar PV Basket Prices    
Moved Office 2016 P272 Insulation Power Factor Correction Wind Waste Management
53 Employees 2017 Water Deregulation        


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