Letter of Authority Explained

For Power Solutions to submit your contract and have your rates locked in with your chosen energy provider a LOA must be completed and signed. This allows our team to carry out all the work required to make sure your energy supplier transfer goes as smoothly as possible. We also use the LOA to comply with relevant data protection law where we ask you to confirm that you want to work with us and that we can contact you regarding the contracts we put in place for you. We will put all reasonable steps in place to safeguard the information you have shared with us. We will never sell it to third parties and only use it for the purpose it was intended.


Terms and Conditions

For Power Solutions to work on your behalf we need to contact your current supplier and access your data in accordance with relevant data protection law. The access we require can be found in the bullet point sections on the LOA itself.


Validity of this letter

This letter will remain valid for 12 months from the signed date.


Termination of current contract

To switch supplier, you are required by your existing contract to notify your current supplier of your intention to go to tender to all suppliers and move if you find a better offer elsewhere. This is called terminating your contract; each supplier has a window before the anniversary where they will allow you to do this. Please feel free to ask your Power Solutions contact to confirm this.

If you sign this LOA, Power Solutions will take reasonable steps to issue termination on your behalf. Power Solutions can only send in a letter of termination to your supplier if the letter of authority on file is valid.

If, however you wish to opt out of this service please initial the box next to point 1 on the LOA, Power Solutions will not issue termination on your behalf, therefore submitting your termination is solely your responsibility.

Please be aware that a new contract cannot be agreed without submitting a termination letter to your current supplier. Missing termination may result in a contract extension and an increased price change by your current supplier. Power Solutions offer their clients a “no obligation” service, compensation will not be paid if a termination is missed.


Signed LOA’s give us the authority to:


  • Request prices and produce price comparisons to provide price transparency.
  • Request and receive current and historical account information including:  Consumption history, supply numbers, pricing details, contract end dates for both our gas and electricity supplies.
  • Obtain information with regards to telecoms, water i.e. Current billing and usage.
  • Request half hour data consumption over the last 12 months on our property, if applicable.
  • Obtain information from ECOES database (Electricity Central Online Enquiry Service), for example metering details.
  • Obtain information from Xoserve regarding the gas consumptions and meter details.
  • Obtain a copy of your bill, quotations, and further quotations for your supply via email, the web or post.
  • Obtain automated metering information for energy monitoring, if applicable.
  • With regards to any water contract for this company, Power Solutions will be paid a fee by the water supplier.


The LOA applies to all sites under the company name and does not allow the broker to sign contracts on your behalf.