Adrian Chappell, Owner, The Richmond House Hotel

Power Solutions managed to save me 32% per annum on my energy costs, which was over £4,000 on my energy renewal. The whole process was straight forward, I simply just provided a copy of my bill and they took care of it all. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their service to any other Southport BID Members.

Adrian Chappell, Owner, The Richmond House Hotel

Sarant Ltd

We have worked with Jill now since 2012 on our energy supply contracts, during this time she has provided us with a highly professional and competent service which has been given in both a friendly and accessible manner.

Brian Isaacs, Finance Director, Sarant Ltd

Kate Shirazi, Owner, Cakeadoodledo

Dealing with Jill has been a piece of cake. She has saved the business more money than I thought possible by moving our gas supplier. I was really impressed with the service and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her and Power Solutions.

Kate Shirazi, Owner, Cakeadoodledo

The Leopard

Jill Batty at Power Solutions made significant savings on my utility costs for The Leopard in Nantwich. Jill visited the pub and looked over the invoices and within 24 hours offered quotes for the energy and telecoms with savings of over £3,000 per annum.   The Service was free of charge and to top it off Jill was very Professional but with that personal touch. I would recommend Power Solutions to any Business wishing to cut costs on their energy.  

Sam Rock, Manager, The Leopard

The Chester Fields

I began using Power Solutions 2 years ago and they have saved me over £30k just by brokering my contract. Forget about the stigma attached to utility businesses and let them take care of all your savings at no cost to you. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.
Mark Jarvis, Owner, The Chester Fields

Thornton Manor Estate Limited

Damien has been extremely helpful in dealing with our utilities contracts. All of the hassle of dealing with confusing and complicated processes over a great number of meters and contracts was removed, with Damien making everything concise, clear and consistent. Due to his hard work and excellent knowledge of the industry, he has saved us approximately £28,000 a year. He has gone out of his way to be helpful, and to ensure that we are happy with the contracts we are signing. I would highly recommend Damien and this company.
Jade Wilson, Financial Director, Thornton Manor Estate Limited

The Metropole Hotel

Power Solutions have saved us £16,559 on our electricity bills over a 3-year period, stress free and without any hassle. I would recommend Power Solutions to any business wanting to reduce their energy costs.
Justin Baird-Murray, Managing Director, The Metropole Hotel

Burger Shed 41 & Ring O’Bells

We saved £6500 per year on our Gas and Electricity Contracts. Power Solutions are the perfect company to take care of our utility needs as they offer a first class service along with brilliant communication at all times.
Ian Wade, Director, Urbano 32, Burger Shed 41 & Ring O’Bells, Chester

The Laundrette

The service we have received from Power Solutions has always been fantastic. They have taken all of the work we used to do with energy companies off our hands and managed to save us over £10,000. I just wished we’d have used them even sooner.
Patrick Hall, Director, The Laundrette, Chorlton

The Slowboat Restaurant

Power Solutions UK saved us £22,000 over a four year period. This was at no cost to us, quick, simple and completely hassle free.

‘I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Francis Ting, Director, The Slowboat restaurant, Chester.

Mike Dean, Managing Director, Adcote House

Adcote House is a leading guest house in the North Wales resort of Llandudno. We sit at the top of TripAdvisor ratings and also hold a Silver award from Green Tourism. As part of our commitment to our green tourism agenda and sustainability we wanted to move to a green electricity tariff, and approached Power Solutions for their advice. The service we received was professional, friendly and fully focused on our business needs. Following an audit by Damien Sansom of Power Solutions, a number of options were provided, highlighting our requirements for a green energy solution. As a result we were able to switch to a provider offering 100% green energy from biomass as well as to a tariff that would save us money on our electricity. We were extremely pleased with the outcome for us, and with the service we received from Power Solutions.
Mike Dean, Managing Director, Adcote House

Edgar House Hotel

Changeover from our current suppliers to the new ones was painless and effortless and we look forward to some huge savings on our energy bills.

Mike Stephens, Co-owner, Edgar House Hotel, Chester.

Enochs Fish & Chips

At Enochs Fish & Chips our good reputation is important to us. Known for consistent quality and sourcing our food with local suppliers, sustainability is very central to our business.

As a member of the Sustainable Restaurant Association, we wanted to move to a green electricity tariff, which we were able to do with the help of Power Solutions.

Not only that (but) we also saved money on our energy bills.

Danny White-Meir, Managing Director, Enochs Fish & Chips, Llandudno, North Wales.

The George Hotel

Having just moved into the George Hotel we needed to organise our electricity and gas contracts very quickly.

Power Solutions saved us £500 in the first year on our electricity contracts and took away the hassle of dealing with multiple suppliers.

I would recommend Power Solutions to anybody in the pub industry wanting to reduce their energy costs.

Mike Vigna, Tenant, The George Hotel, Glossop, Derbyshire.

Irton Hall

Our current supplier increased their prices this year, however Power Solutions reduced our costs by 14 per cent, which is vital for a business like ours.

Irton Hall has used Power Solutions since 2011 and they have paid great attention to managing our energy year on year.

Steve Cottrell, Managing Director, Irton Hall.

Abbotsley Golf Hotel and Country Club

Abbotsley Ltd used Power Solutions to help find a solution to our soaring energy costs.

Damien Samson took complete control over the nitty-gritty of the contracts and all we had to do was produce three months of past invoices.

A couple of emails later we had a fixed contract for the next three years. We now know that our rates won’t alter and can budget for the next three years, which, in this climate, will be a huge bonus. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Helen Lavis, General Manager, Abbotsley Golf Hotel and Country Club, St Neots, Cambridgeshire.

The Welcome Inn

Power Solutions managed to make a significant saving on my gas and electricity costs.

Their service was free of charge and very professional. I would recommend Power Solutions to any businesses wanting to save money.

Victoria Rothwell, Tenant, The Welcome Inn, Sheffield

Chester Grosvenor Hotel

Green Initiatives are increasingly important to us as the leading five star hotel in Chester.

‘We were delighted that Power Solutions came up with a green energy solution that would suit our complex needs.

Chester Grosvenor Hotel.

The Grove

We have been working with Mark at Power Solutions UK for over a year now on two contracts.

Each time the process has been professionally managed and saved us considerably on our electricity bills.

Zoe Agar, Owner, The Grove, Narberth, Pembrokeshire.

The Commercial Hotel

We have used Power Solutions since 2014 for our gas and electricity contracts and have found them to be very positive and pro-active throughout.

We reduced our costs by over £1000 and would have no hesitation in recommending them to other businesses within the hospitality industry.

Johnathan Musson, Director, The Commercial Hotel, Chester

The Knight Residence

Not only have you been able to save us money with the excellent prices you negotiated on our behalf, you’ve made the entire process of changing suppliers stress free.
It is refreshing to deal with people who made me feel truly valued as a client and who responded so quickly to every issue, no matter how small.
The Knight Residence (serviced self-catering apartments), Edinburgh.