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Send us your utility bills and an LOA today,  we will start searching the market for the best prices and negotiate the most cost-effective deal for you.

 Why do you need my energy bill?

 Your business gas, electricty and water bill shows us a unique meter reference number (10 digit 'MPR' for business gas or a 21 digit 'MPAN' for business electricity and you will have one or two supply point ID (SPID) numbers for water) which we need to confirm your consumption. It also tells us what kind of meter you have, which supply area you are in and what kind of electricity/gas user you are. It ensures that we quote you the correct energy prices.

 Why do I need to sign an LOA?

 In order for Power Solutions (UK) Ltd to work on your behalf we need to contact your current supplier and access your data in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

Send us a letter of Authority

Registered Company (Ltd) or Registered Charity LOA


Sole Trader or Partnership LOA



Alternatively, if you would just prefer to talk to someone first,  just fill out your name and phone number and one of our business energy consultants will be in touch to talk you through the process.

Our opening hours are monday to friday 9am to 4.40pm, we wil always try to call you back the same day.

Send us your energy bills